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 In this short article, we will discuss briefly about Turkishness and Turks bringing explanations to the main subjects which are open for any debates.

We start from Turk because anybody who hears the name of Turk are concern about it. The peolpe which know and call himself or herself Turk are concern more than anybody. 
Turk is compounded of two parts “Tu+rk” Tu represents Theo (means God, as you know) and rk which is another spelling of ARK (Arkho, Cracy or Rule and Command in Turkish mean). So that this word reflects Theo+Crat or Thoecrat or Thoecracy. So the Turks or Theocrats is the Course and Doctorine of rulership of the God and emerges as a group and a family who constituted all history’s governments in the world, so far. In this point, we will look at this family’s background and means of two mentioned parts.
Mainly Theo or God’s mean does not need for much explanation and we will focus on Ark’s mean. In the known Turkish languages group, Order, Command or Rule are called Ark and it is made by Khan or King and should be fulfilled by everybody in the territory. We will investigate step by step the relationship between the places in Middle Asia where the Turks heavily live with this word. If we look at history the ARK was the name of Hz. Noah’s Ship. Many investigations show the relationship between Hz. Noah’s Deluge with some Middle Asia’s regions and very interesting discoveries have been made related to this region. Some investigators have shown that the Deluge has been occurred in the Tarim Basin or by other name in Taklamakan.  Traditionally, Taklamakan is shown in Chinese Sources the place and traces of the Deluge so if we refer to the history, we will understand that the place of the Deluge was not there but there is the restarting the history and life and exactly the place of landing and resting of the ARK. 

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