Page 2 "Situation before Deluge and Curse of Hz. Noah"

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It means Taklamakan is the resting place of Hz. Noah’s Ship who himself was the father of all Post-Ark era’s people. Yes, leaving the large Trace as large as Ship’s size: approximately 1000Km Long and 400Kg Wide, world’s largest ever Ship has been built by Hz. Noah under mighty God’s Command and Help to rescue all the living creatures on the Earth.

Because of building this Ship by God’s command it was called ARK so its name was understood Command, Order and Rule or in addition to this concept, ARK was conceived as a given authority by God to Hz. Noah to command to the people so this given authority by God for ruling on people to Hz. Noah, has been called as ARK and ARK Ship. Yes, Turk is the name of the family who residing around the Ark because they got off the Ark by Mighty GOD’s Command and living around it. This family lived with Hz. Noah’s brought Religion and Belief for millions of years. They have found and governed all history’s states so far, Turk and Turkishness is a Rabbinic Belief and one of its peaks and turning points was related and belong to Hz. Noah time. At this point, We will discuss these two separated parts together investigating the Concept and Reality of the Turkishness.
The world’s most righteous ever Book “Qur'an Karim” states that when Oppress, Corruption and Wickedness reached its peak in Hz. Noah’s Time, and the invitation to right way was not interested except a few number of people and they continue and insisting on their wickedness so when Hz. felt that the doors have been closed for these people as to entering right ways, he made curse against oppressors and wicked people and God replied to him by pointing out the wiping out the oppressors from the Earth soon and Command to him to build a Big Ship and this Command was called ARK (it is brief of Buyuruk in Turkish language and the composition of word match with it). 

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