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 During this time, the appearance of Human Being began to change and diversify with regards the diversifying the climate referring to different place of continents so People in Asia became slant eyed & brunet, in Europe Blond & Blue eyed and in Africa Black and the lands which part from these continents will carry the same characteristics (Island and Land Pieces). You could find in all of these people the Ark’s traces, it is possible to see in all these continents people’s myth the Deluge or flood myth and they have a belief system like Shaman belief system. 

Therefore the people who got off from the Ark and living around it would carry its name along history. The people closest to this ship took on to preserve and protect of this legacy of Ark so their name became Turk or Theocrat because this was mighty God’s Ark (Theo’s Ark) and it has been made by God’s order to rescue the Human Being from destruction.
At this time, we investigate these events as how the need for such Ark has been realized. Before Deluge and Ark’s event what happened that Hz. Noah has cursed people in his time? Yes in the era that the oppress, wickedness and injustice have reached to its highest level and instruction, invitation and calling the people for goodness and justice were not listened by these people and the Power to Order has been felt to be needed to protect such values so that these event has been realized. The way to survive and protection under the God’s Laws in its symbolic and real form have been shown for Human Being for coming years along history of life until doomsday. Yes, the example of God’s Laws and the rescuer of Human Being as “ARK” Ship. 
In fact, ARK is a collection of Mighty GOD’s Laws for leading Human Being to run the life in its true way. The Framework of these Laws is like the framework of the Ark and getting out of it, is dangerous and has natural punishment and is  prohibited so it is like getting out of the Ark. 
This belief has preserved its strongest form around Ark as like as the source of this belief “Ark’s resting place” during millions of years and continued for coming to our time. The strength of the belief is rising as long as approaching to this source so Ark and the area around it remained and strengthened along the history as the main source of Turkishness or ruling God’s Laws (Ark). 

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