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 The Name of the Empires or Ark’s would be equal to the Name of the People which carried this belief. These people have shown more talent than others to establish states so it means that the believers to the Arkness made Arks (Government). Belief and Power united to emerge Turkishness and Turks in the History. At this time, we understand why the Ark has rested in Taklamakan or Uyghur, in fact, extreme climate has produced and trained powerful and unyielding people in itself and by unifying with belief, at its contemporary form

Turkishness (Theocracy)
Turks (Theocrats)
were born.
Turks has been deployed for bringing order base upon true belief, to make justice and protect it and establishing new Arks (States) in everywhere so to run these States (Arks) like Hz. Noh’s Ark intellectually and preserving its balance at any conditions.  Because of that, Belief was stayed in first place in these States’ policy along the History and it followed by Power so the Turk Khans believed that they were inspired and tasked by God to spread justice in the Earth. If we focus on the mean of Khan, we will realize that its means “From God” in Turkish words.
Oxtan === Oktan (Hak’dan) === Hoten
Xotan === Xan (Han)
Or by other words: Shadow of God.
Mainly, these two elements, Belief and Power based upon compromise and order, have made these states existed. States continuing existence were in Turkishness and not to deviation from it. Because of it after Ark era, as long as the history can be traced, all history’s States have been made by Turks because without these two elements, it was impossible to establish any States.
At this point we will discuss History’s first known empires and start from Summer which is the best known history’s first civilization and empire in next article. 
Ramadan 1430
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