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Azklmh leave the start because everyone and their withdrawal from all those known and known to be interested in this topic

Leaving the principle of two-part "d + frank" is composed of representatives of Tanner and Theo means God and Rack (orcs), which is pronounced Azark another. In fact, these words reflect the "Tanner (Theo) + Ark" or "Tanner Ark" or "theocracy" or "Tyvkrat" or school of believers to "the God" is and its history as a founding family ARC and the government has introduced to the world. Srkzsht family and thrown into the theoretical concept of the two sections mentioned hereunder

I do not really need to explain the concept and focus on the ARC. In Turkic languages, which means the sentence is called ARC and ARC to be issued by the Khan's command and the necessary means Lajra’ is considered by people in the territory. How the relationship between Central Asia where the word is known by Turks living in the complex will look. If you look at the history of the prophets, especially on a ship called the Ark of Prophet Noah (AS) is. Most research on the relationship between the flood of Noah (AS) and Central Asia show and very interesting discoveries have been found in some parts of Asia.

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